Monday, April 18, 2005

The A-Team: Alias Style

Something I thought of while watching my A-Team dvds - Who would the Alias characters (not the actors, but the characters) play if they were cast in the A-Team movie?

Sydney Bristow = Amy Allen (no brainer there and she'd make a heck of a reporter)
Jack Bristow = Hannibal Smith (Once Jack gets some Prozac to make him mellow, that is)
Marcus Dixon = BA (Dixon is the strong, consistent one. The go-to guy. Mr. Dependable)
Arvin Sloane = Col. Decker (Sloane has had 30 years experience at chasing Rambaldi's ghost. Chasing the A-Team should be no different)
Marshall = Murdock (The way Marshall rambles, he'd be very convincing as a crazy person)
Weiss = Face Man (He's more fun loving and personable than Vaughn. He'd do a better job at connecting with the marks)
Nadia = the daughter of the client
Vaughn = Right hand evil henchman of the villain of the episode or the MP that drives Decker's car.

Has anyone ever noticed that pretty much every evil villain of an A-Team episode was a man? Sign of the times if you ask me - 1980's couldn't have evil women in charge unless you were watching Dynasty.


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